case study #3

Making It Better

The Gottman Institute’s initial brief for their 289-page manual was to match the look of their NYT best-selling Seven Principles trade book.

I followed through for a few pages, and, unsurprisingly, the results were not any easier to digest than the manual they were using at the time. I suggested that we consider that a manual has a different purpose and is used differently than a book is, so the design might also be different. They loved the resulting concepts and in one year we worked on seven long-form projects together.

Make the text approachable

Invite’em In

Why force a reader to scale a wall of text? There are lots of ways to invite the reader in.

Make the pace manageable

Keep’em Reading

Pull-quotes help, but really it’s about the technical stuff:

  • margins
  • measure (line length)
  • hierarchy.