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This site is under re-construction.


Because the company that created the award-winning, bells-and-whistles WordPress theme I used to create this site in 2016 chose not update its PHP. That happens.

And so here we are.

Thank goodness, since my website was overdue for a redesign anyway. But it wasn't going to happen until I was forced to do it. Why fiddle around with WordPress when you could be having so much more fun making books?

I would like to just point out, however, that if this had been a book, it would not have required any PHP updating whatsoever. When I design your book for you, you won't need to think about PHP versions making your book un-openable in 5 years. And neither will I!

Wanna see what the old site looked like?

Here's what it looked like dressed in WordPress instead of basic HTML & CSS. It had the (glorious? annoying?) parallax that was so in vogue in 2016. You might need to press CMD/CTRL + if you want to read the text.

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